In recent years, the economy has taken a big step toward digitali­zation. Home offices have been offered wherever possible. This has ushered in a new form of screen-based work. The workplace is tied less to a desk in a room and more to the individuals in your organization. That's why it’s now possible to rethink just how workstations should be provided.

The solution is digital and called Workplace as a Service (WaaS). IT-Kompass equips your employees with everything they need for work – a flexible workplace in the office, at home, or on the road.

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Do you increasingly employ profes­sionals who work remotely and spend valuable time setting up their PCs and mobile devices themselves? Or are you accumulating more and more unused legacy hardware at the office ? WaaS is the ideal solution.

Workplace as a Service
  • Enable your employees to have an efficient workplace
  • Work with current hardware and software
  • Think digitali­zation holistically
  • Be a modern employer
  • Provide a flexible work environment

Don't miss the digital boat; don't let your competition get ahead of you. Take your business to the next level today! Still unsure? The following information will help you decide.

What is Workplace as a Service?

One of the responsi­bilities for employers is to offer their employees a good and, above all, productive working environment. This is the only way to achieve excellent results. But the world of work has changed. Technology is constantly evolving. A PC once purchased can become obsolete in just a few years and may need to be replaced. In addition, every time you hire a new employee, you have to set up a completely new workstation. Should the job fall away, you are left sitting on the purchase.

Computers and computer accessories are piled up in a basement storage room.

With WaaS, you avoid these problems. You rent already set-up workstations for your employees. IT-Kompass provides you with the appropriate hardware, preinstalls any required software and even configures your network and IT security. Employees only have to start the device (in most cases a laptop) and can start working right away.

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What do you rent with Workplace as a Service?

When you choose a WaaS offering from IT-Kompass, you get a fully equipped digital workplace.

The devices are all prepared so that you can start working right away.

Hardware You receive devices perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether laptop or PC, tablet or smartphone, hardware and devices are based on what your employees really need.

Software Devices arrive already configured for your business and network environment. Important software that your employees need for their work is installed in advance.

The advantages of WaaS

With Workplace as a Service, you always offer your employees the perfect conditions to deliver excellent performance. WaaS brings benefits for the entire company.

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With the WaaS rental model, you are flexible. No matter whether you hire new staff or employees leave the company: You only ever have as many devices in your company as you really need. Storage rooms full of old PCs are a thing of the past. Quickly and easily respond to changes in the workforce.

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Rental devices provide additional security for several reasons. For one thing, they are set up by experts and thus offer far fewer sources for error than if each employee were to configure the appropriate settings themselves. And then there is the issue of replacement: if a device is lost or broken, a replacement can be organized in no time at all. If you also work with backups and cloud technologies, changing the device is never an issue.

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With a classic model, you buy equipment on spec so that nothing stands in the way of your company's growth. Only when these PCs or laptops are put into operation has the investment paid off. Under WaaS, the investment is unnecessary and the provision of workstations becomes an operating cost which you can plan more accurately. Instead of tying up your capital in significant investments, you benefit from flexible budgeting.

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When employees have to set up devices, install software, and make confi­gurations on their own, important time is lost. To increase productivity, the digital workplace must be fully operational at all times. With WaaS, even new employees can start working right away. All the necessary settings and instal­lations have already been made. Even if you run your own IT department, WaaS is worthwhile, because these profes­sionals then have more time to take care of their primary responsi­bilities.

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Technology is evolving rapidly. Make sure that your employees do not work with outdated hardware or software. Since you only ever rent from WaaS for a limited period of time, equipment can also be replaced quickly – even for the entire company at once. The contract term is 48 months, but you can upgrade your hardware after just 30 months. With WaaS , you also ensure that all equipment for employees is always up to date. That simplifies collabo­ration.

WaaS from the expert

With IT-Kompass as a reliable partner, you no longer have to worry about your employees' digital work devices. If you need additional devices, IT- Kompass can provide them quickly and easily. The same applies to updates: If you need more modern hardware, we will swiftly arrange for replacement.

IT-Kompass supports you in all challenges around your digital infra­structure.

A selection of suitable offers that support you effectively:

A man is working on his tablet and cell phone at the same time and also has a notebook computer in front of him on his desk. Remote Support

Let our specialists monitor your infra­structure to counteract disruptions directly.

On a modern sailboat, a man with binoculars keeps a lookout. IT Monitoring

Contact the experts at IT-Kompass with any questions or problems.

A huge concrete dam protectively holds back water from a large lake. Managed Antivirus

Make sure your software is always up to date and pass this task on to us.

A drone delivers a package marked with a cross. Patch Management

Let experts set up your backup strategy to always know that all your data is safe, even in the event of an emergency.

A blimp floats effortlessly over a coastal town. Scattered clouds pass by in the blue sky. Managed Backup

Take no chances and let our experts monitor your antivirus efforts.

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WaaS rethinks the design of workplaces: With the digital Workplace as a Service, your company becomes more flexible and can react faster to changes. This is how you set up your business for the future.

Frequently asked questions about Workplace as a Service

Is WaaS only suitable for remote office?

No, IT-Kompass can configure your work devices for any location and purpose. As a modern concept, however, the digital Workplace as a Service is particularly suitable if you want to create future-oriented work options. Home office and remote office are particularly easy to implement with WaaS.

Is a phone part of the digital workplace?

Phone capabilities can also be easily implemented via WaaS. This can be done either in the form of work phones or by using  Microsoft Teams for telephony. Your employees can then use the software to make calls to each other and to external contacts.

Is WaaS the right option for my business?

In principle, every company can benefit from the "Workplace as a Service" concept. They thus enjoy complete flexibility and no longer have to fear large investments for equipment.

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