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Digitization is one of the biggest challenges facing medium-sized businesses. In order not to be left behind by the competition, you should take care of the expansion of your IT now.

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You are not alone with this challenge. IT-Kompass makes your company fit for the future!

Top IT Services from the expert

As an IT consulting company, IT-Kompass helps you optimize your digital solutions in the long term - from more efficient collabo­ration among your employees to the resilience of your IT.

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Microsoft Teams Telephony

Whether chat or meeting: Microsoft Teams has already established itself as a collabo­ration solution for video conferencing in many companies and organi­zations. However, MS Teams can also be integrated into the internal telephone system.

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Workplace as a Service

Rent digital workstations instead of buying them. With the Workplace as a Service concept, all your employees are always equipped with the latest hardware and software - and you can plan flexibly and reduce costs.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Prepare for emergencies in cooperation with IT-Kompass. To ensure that your digital infra­structure is immune to voltage spikes or blackouts, rely on uninter­ruptible power supply.

IT-Kompass: Your IT Service partner

Prepare your business for future challenges. In order not to stand alone when it comes to digitization, turn to the experts at IT-Kompass. We can help you set up software, provide you with equipment and advise you on many matters relating to your IT.

Our enterprise IT consulting saves you time, energy - and nerves. Instead of searching through the product variety of providers, trying out configu­rations and using unstable systems, get in touch with us. Together, we can find the right IT services for your company and integrate them into your existing structures.

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Are you looking for more support with the admini­stration of your digital solutions? Our  Managed Services help you to operate a secure and productive infra­structure.

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IT Services for small and medium-sized businesses

The digitization of the world of work (and of society in general) is also creating challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises. But SMEs should not put these developments off or even ignore them. Among the important changes are the topics of internal and external communi­cation as well as data storage and processing. With the right IT services, you can simplify everyday work immensely and, for example, give your employees the opportunity to always be in contact with each other, even when they are in the home office or out in the field.

Many companies are not yet optimally positioned here - for example, they work with outdated hardware. Often, software solutions are also in use that have been incorrectly configured and do not work optimally hand in hand. This slows down processes and under­standably causes frustration. But entre­preneurs rarely have the time needed to tackle such problems themselves.

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The lack of digitization can be frustrating.

The experts at IT-Kompass can easily overcome these challenges together with you. Our IT services actively support you in holding your own against the competition. Not only do digital solutions make your workflows more efficient, they also help with recruiting: as a modern employer, it is easier for you to attract young profes­sionals to your company.

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