Donzdorf is located in the idyllic Lautertal valley. Not far from the town center is the old Hagenbucher Mill, the home of IT-Kompass. Represented together at this location are nature, tradition, and modern high technology. Sharing this space with our diligent IT experts, over 20,000 bees are hard at work every day.

A word about sustaina­bility

IT-Kompass is committed to sustaina­bility. This doesn't just mean the environment. The environment is an important part of it, of course, but sustaina­bility means much more. Companies that think sustainably have a long-term mindset. They offer sustainable solutions that are intended for continuous use, and are correspon­dingly cost-effective and resource-efficient.

But there are also other aspects to sustaina­bility. Companies that act in the best interests of their customers retain their customers. The same goes for their own  employees. IT-Kompass is a sustainable company. We do it for the climate, for our customers, for our employees and for our own future. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

And how are our bees doing?

Project management for bees requires a little more caution. They can get quite prickly.
A member of the IT-Kompass team wears protective gear so she can take care of the bees.

With digitali­zation, it is possible to monitor our sweet friends in real time. It may sound surprising, but with today's technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), the possi­bilities are only limited by your imagination. We'd be happy to advise you on the possi­bilities for your company.

The weight

of the hive changes during the day. When the bees swarm out, it decreases. When they go into storage, the weight increases. If the weather is bad, the bees are not allowed to fly and the hive remains quiet.

The temperature

is a critical aspect, as you might recall from physics lessons: work doesn't just produce results, it generates heat. The internal temperature in relation to the external temperature shows the trained eye just how hard our little colleagues are working.

The frequency

reports to leadership on whether our team at the outpost is doing well mentally. #Mental­Health is after all one of the latest buzzwords in work psychology.

This wooden beehive is one of several located in the meadow behind the building where IT-Kompass is located.
Good to know

10 bees weigh only 1 gram.
A bee flies up to 1 km in 2 minutes.
One bee covers 800 km in its lifetime.
A bee would have to fly around the world up to 2.5 times for just 500 grams of honey.
The summer bee lives only 6 weeks.
The winter bee can live up to 9 months.
The queen bee can live 4 years.
The queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day in May/June.

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