The Internet and ubiquitous digitization help us communicate faster and automate work processes. But global networking also brings dangers. Cyber criminals are repeatedly carrying out attacks that also endanger SMEs.

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IT Security
  • Malware reaches your devices unidentified.
  • With Ransomware criminals try to blackmail you.
  • Through malware you could be spied on.
  • Cyber criminals want to sell your data on theDarknet.
  • Insecure systems can hinder your business with business partners.

Don't wait until it's too late! IT-Kompass helps you to better position your IT security.

IT-Security by experts

You should not leave the security of your digital infra­structure and your sensitive data to chance. IT-Kompass supports you in setting up security concepts, organizing your security solutions and sensitizing your employees.

A businessman looks anxiously at his screen and wonders who has access to the data.

IT Security Officer

An IT security officer checks the IT security in your company, identifies optimization potential and develops security concepts together with you. IT-Kompass can take over these tasks for you as an external service provider.

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TISAX Certification

Present yourself as a trustworthy partner. With a TISAX certifi­cation, you show potential business partners that the information security in your company meets an inter­national standard. We help with the preparations.

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IT Security Training

Unwittingly opening links or emails is one of the most common gateways for cyber­criminals. Therefore, your employees must be made aware of possible dangers and important signals. Training by IT-Kompass ensures security.

IT-Kompass supports your IT Security

The threat potential your company faces in the internet is high and diverse. But you don't have to defend yourself against the attackers alone. IT-Kompass provides you with sustainable support in setting up security concepts. Our specialists can look at your complete infra­structure, check existing IT security tools and suggest new solutions.

You decide how much support you need. A one-time workshop for your employees, for example, is already very helpful. Risks that arise from human error are thus greatly minimized. If, on the other hand, you would like to appoint IT-Kompass as your IT security officer, we can also accompany you in the long term and work together on stable security concepts and solutions.

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Data security is one of the most important tasks for your business – and in the future will become more and more essential. IT-Kompass supports you holistically in this topic. Our  Managed Services also include security solutions that help defend against attacks.

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IT Security for your business

Creating and processing data has become part of everyday working life - even in small and medium-sized enterprises and in all industries. Communi­cation, for example, largely takes place digitally by e-mail, with the help of messenger services or chat programs. This makes many things faster and easier, but also opens up new sources of danger. And cyber criminality is on the rise: The Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informations­technik in Germany states in their  Bericht zur Lage der IT-Sicherheit in Deutschland für das Jahr 2022 that they are estimating 15 million malware infections.

Very popular with attackers, for example, are blackmail attempts. Two attack strategies come into question here:

Cyber criminals install so-called ransomware on your systems. The malware encrypts your data and only releases it after a ransom payment - if at all. So at best, the software is not allowed to penetrate your infra­structure at all.


The second way works via social engineering: in this case, you or your employees receive an email claiming that the attackers have compromising material on you, but without providing any proof or being specific. Fearing that the claim might be true, many victims prefer to pay up and thus support cybercrime.


Other popular attack methods are DDoS attacks, in which so many targeted requests are sent to a website or system that it goes down. Or data is spied out via spyware and then sold. Bear in mind that your customers' and partners' data may also be affected. Then there are the additional problems of legal consequences and compensation payments - not to mention the loss of trust.

Various symbols such as a warning triangle or a virus rotate through animatedly and represent a threat scan.

The potential attack patterns are therefore diverse and can exploit different vulnera­bilities. Enterprise security in the context of IT must therefore always be thought of holistically and compre­hensively. In addition, defense measures should be tailored. In cooperation with IT-Kompass, you can therefore develop a defense strategy that is right for your company.

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