Microsoft Teams software helps companies around the world share information over the Internet – whether to allow employees to work from home or to link remote company locations. The ability to quickly chat with colleagues rather than compose an email is much appreciated by many people. But Teams is not limited to that. With MS Teams, telephony works too!

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You and your team are missing important calls. It's only a matter of time before you lose important customers if you don't respond now.

Microsoft Teams Telephony
  • Optimal accessi­bility - whether on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop PC
  • Simple and consistent operation across all devices and operating systems with just one application
  • Scales to your needs - as many voice channels and clients as you need
  • Do away with unnecessary hardware – better for the environment and your wallet

Read on for more detailed information, but don't wait too long. Time is of the essence.

Does MS Teams have telephony features as well?

Many users might not know, but with Microsoft's colla­boration software, you can also make actual phone calls – and not just to colleagues within the same organi­zation, but also to other mobile or landline numbers as with a normal phone. This makes Microsoft Teams the communi­cations hub of the modern enterprise.

When you just call other users within your own organi­zation via teams, no real telephone call takes place. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) only establishes a voice connection, similar to what is known from comparable video telephony platforms. The telephone network is not used for this purpose. However, it is also possible to use the software like a digital telephone and make calls directly via MS Teams – even externally. This can then conve­niently be done using a headset, for example.

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Set up Microsoft Teams telephony

If you want to make calls to teams, you must assign a phone number to each user. The employees can then be called directly using their numbers. Two aspects are important for this:

You need the right license for Microsoft 365. Opt for an enterprise solution (possibly with an appropriate add-on for the telephony function).


You also need a separate phone number for each user. There are two options here. You can either choose the service offered by Microsoft or work with other (phone) providers. The latter is parti­cularly suitable if your employees are all equipped with their own phone numbers anyway.


If you don't want to use Microsoft as your phone provider, use Direct Routing instead. This links an existing phone system to Microsoft Teams. In addition to the devices you already use (landline or mobile phone), employees can then also use Teams as a softphone. In addition to the classic telephone, calls can then be answered via Teams. The same applies if you want to call someone else yourself.

Help in setting it all up

To take full advantage of the features and convenience and to keep everything running smoothly when you make calls via Microsoft Teams, you should work with experts. Work with IT-Kompass to build Teams into a phone system. We can advise you and take care of the setup for you. At IT-Kompass, you get everything from a single source: Microsoft 365 license and the right server structure.

Good to know

Calling with Teams

For employees, using Teams telephony is very simple: Under the menu item "Calls", everything that is needed for phone calls can be found. Most importantly, a numeric keypad is integrated there in order to dial any number. Also of interest is the ability to save contacts: Since Teams works seamlessly with Outlook, saved contacts can be called directly from the email management (if a phone number has been entered). In the call history, you can also see all calls – even those that were missed. Voicemail and call forwarding round off MS Teams as the perfect telephone system.

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Advantages of Teams Telephony

When you use Microsoft Teams to make calls in your business, you create more efficient workflows and a more comfortable work environment.

  • Workflows: Phone calls can be answered or made directly via laptop or PC - the place where employees are doing most of their work anyway.
  • Convenience: Teams software works seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, and can take information from there.
  • Uncluttered: In Microsoft Teams, many phone features (such as voicemail or call history) are easy to find. Something that is often more difficult to access in regular phones.
  • Remote Work: Thanks to cloud technology, employees no longer have to be in the office to be reachable on a landline.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teams telephony

What are the costs for telephony via Microsoft Teams?

The costs for telephony via Teams vary. First and foremost, you need to consider the license fees for Microsoft 365. The actual costs for calls at home and abroad as well as to mobile numbers then depends heavily on the contract you have with your telephone provider or with Microsoft. However, many plans include flat rates, so you don't have to pay for every call (at least domesti­cally).

Do you need extra hardware for teams telephony?

Teams runs on any PC or laptop with Windows or MacOS. Additio­nally, the software is also available as apps for tablets and smartphones. Since everything is handled via cloud, you don't need your own data center. Depending on how you manage telephony, however, you may still need a Session Border Controller (SBC). This device connects the phone network to the Teams infra­structure.

Who is Teams suitable for as a phone system?

All companies that increa­singly rely on digitali­zation and remote office work can benefit from telephony via teams. It does not matter whether it is a large corporation or a smaller company. Many companies already have Microsoft's Office appli­cations in use anyway. All you have to do is link the software to your phone numbers.


Prepare your company for the future now and use Microsoft Teams as your telephone system. This way you can treat yourself and your employees to the convenience of a digital telephony solution.

  • Take a step towards digitali­zation
  • Bundle your communi­cations on one platform
  • Design more efficient workflows.
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