Dangers from the Internet are playing an increa­singly important role in corporate security. Whether you fall victim to a targeted attack, or viruses, trojans, and ransomware enter your systems through careless­ness, the damage can be consi­derable. Prevent this from happening by opting for the protection that managed antivirus services from IT-Kompass can provide.

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In the world of medicine, it is easier to protect a patient than to save him. This is just as true for protection against malware such as viruses or Trojans. Protect your network before an attack spreads.

Managed antivirus
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from 4 € per month / device
  • Continuous updates to always provide protection against the latest threats
  • Protection for any number of endpoints and for the backend - even on mobile devices
  • Regular reports on the threats averted and on performance
  • Powerful products with additional functions such as device control
  • Whether pattern-based or next-gen antivirus, we help defend against threats with the right solution
from 4 € per month / device

Read on for more detailed information, but don't wait too long. Time is of the essence.

Antivirus as a managed service

Antivirus software is part of the essential equipment integral to PCs and servers. In order to sustainably secure the technical corporate infra­structure, appropriate measures must be taken. But if the tools and services are not configured correctly, vulnera­bilities arise. If used incorrectly, antivirus software can slow down the system or even overlook threat situations.

Therefore, let the experts at IT-Kompass take care of your defenses. We provide you with modern antivirus software that has been extensively tested. This is monitored by security experts in the form of centralized antivirus management. If our employees detect threat situations, they are averted as best possible and subse­quently analyzed.

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In addition to defending against acute attacks, the managed antivirus service also includes regular scans of your system. Scheduled quick and deep tests ensure that malware is unlikely to spread throughout your infra­structure.

In addition, our security specialists perform regular updates to the antivirus software. This way, the software is always informed about the latest malware and can block it directly.

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What threats does managed antivirus defend against?

The software used by IT-Kompass detects the vast majority of threats that are on the Internet:

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Viruses : Viruses are small programs that infect computers and spread on their own. This form of malware can spy on users and damage systems.

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Ransomware Ransomware is becoming increa­singly popular among cyber­criminals. With this software, attackers lock the system and claim that they will only release it again in exchange for a ransom.

Adware icon

Adware This form of malware is not always directly harmful, but it is at least annoying. Adware installs adver­tisements on your system, and in doing so, it usually puts a strain on the computer's resources.

Worm icon

Worms Computer worms actively attack systems and do not have to infiltrate via other software. In this way, this form of malware can cause significant damage.

Trojans icon

Trojans Programs that disguise themselves as harmless software and thus infiltrate the system are called trojans. Once they have taken root, they can signifi­cantly impair the system or install further malware.

How to increase security even more

In cooperation with IT-Kompass, you can introduce additional security measures. In particular,  Security Awareness Training is a good option for greater protection against threats: this consulting service teaches you and your employees how to recognize and avoid risks on the Internet.

In addition, we recommend the  IT monitoring offering Health & Keep Alive. With this service, IT-Kompass experts monitor many aspects of your system and quickly identify and address problems. This service even includes the instal­lation of antivirus software.

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Scanning Plan

You no longer have to worry about the important quick and deep scans of your system yourself. We create proven scan plans to safely detect threats in your system - without inter­rupting your workflow.


Attacks on your infra­structure are fended off directly as best as possible. Our experts banish viruses directly into quarantine, so that the malware can be safely examined.


Antivirus software needs to be updated regularly so that it is aware of the latest malware and can ward off these threats. We make sure that the software is always up to date.

Managed antivirus plans compared

Employees sit in rows in front of computers, i.e. endpoints, in a seminar room.

... for endpoints

If you want to sustainably secure the PCs and laptops in your company, the Endpoint option is the right choice for you. IT-Kompass monitors your devices, searches for infections, and fends off attacks.

from 4.00 € per month
/ device
A man at a desk looks at two screens showing complex settings in lines of code.

... for backends

Companies with their own server infra­structure should also take advantage of the backend option. To prevent viruses and other malware from spreading throughout your company via the data center, the experts at IT-Kompass set up appropriate security structures.

from 5.50 € per month
/ server
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