In this digital age, IT infra­structure is the fulcrum of your business. The proper functioning of your computers, networks, and servers is crucial for your success. With IT-Kompass as your managed service provider, software and hardware are secure and maintained at all times.

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Do you feel like you spend more time on IT issues than on your actual business? Just one call can take care of it right away.

Managed Services
  • An overview of your entire IT infra­structure: Systems always up to date, backups for all relevant data, monitoring for critical systems, protection against malware, email security, web security, and so on
  • Support: You have a dedicated contact person who takes care of problems and answers questions competently
  • Flexibility: You order only the services you need - always custo­mizable and expandable
  • Neutral, partnership-based consulting on IT topics helps you make informed decisions

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We are your extended IT department

Maintaining and securing your company's PCs, laptops, and servers is important for smooth workflows. If your digital devices suffer inter­ruptions or stop working due to outside inter­ference, your entire company's revenue is at risk. But these maintenance tasks are complex and sometimes cannot be performed by non-profes­sionals.

Large corpo­rations therefore employ their own IT departments with experts. However, such teams are costly and therefore not affordable or even entirely necessary for smaller and medium-sized companies, since round-the-clock support is not needed in many cases. Outsourcing is often the better option: a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like IT-Kompass can offer you the support you need.

IT-Kompass employees are standing together for a group photo at a company party.
Here you can see a small part of the IT-Kompass team.

Managed Services: an overview

Managed IT Services are services for computers, laptops, servers, or networks, which are carried out by a competent IT partner. These services are recurring : Instead of only being active on call, Managed Service Providers are permanently entrusted with your systems.

When you choose IT-Kompass as your MSP, we become your long-term , sustainable and secure IT service manager, your partner for working in a digital world.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

At IT-Kompass, all services are structured as modules that you can book and compile indivi­dually. This way, you receive the support that your everyday work really requires. Together, our managed services make up a compre­hensive offer: this ranges from regular maintenance or securing your data in a cloud to short-term assistance if issues should arise.

So instead of spending a lot of money on setting up your own IT department, you can be quite flexible and put together the services you need. And another advantage: most Managed Services are scalable. You can choose between the service levels Smart, Advanced or Premium – depending on your needs.

How does IT-Kompass perform managed services?

A consultant from IT-Kompass draws and explains the IT infrastructure behind a website.
In consul­tation, we explain factually, under­standably and on the level of partnership.

As a service provider and partner, IT-Kompass typically acts in the background as much as possible so as not to disturb you in your daily work. For this purpose, we rely on "Remote Monitoring and Management". We provide you with software that allows our experts to access your systems without having to be on site. Your work goes on undisturbed.

In addition to directly working on your systems, we also offer various consulting services. We inform you about suitable solutions for your hardware and software needs and advise you on security issues.

Your IT needs – 360° coverage

We have various managed services on offer for you. You decide for yourself which areas require support.

On a modern sailboat, a man with binoculars keeps a lookout. IT Monitoring

Let our specialists monitor your systems. This way, we can quickly identify problems on end devices, servers, or the network infra­structure and plan counter­measures together with you.

A man is working on his tablet and cell phone at the same time and also has a notebook computer in front of him on his desk. Remote Support

Always there for you in times of trouble. Report problems or acute malfunc­tions to our specialists for quick assistance. This effectively minimizes your downtime without having to wait for technicians.

A blimp floats effortlessly over a coastal town. Scattered clouds pass by in the blue sky. Managed Backup

Backup services ensure that your sensitive data is always safely stored. We mirror your data in a secure cloud so that neither hardware failures nor cyber­attacks put your data at risk.

A huge concrete dam protectively holds back water from a large lake. Managed Antivirus

Actively defend yourself against cyber­criminals. The Managed Antivirus service offers you compre­hensive protection. Our security specialists monitor antivirus software that we have tested extensively and intervene if there is any danger.

A drone delivers a package marked with a cross. Patch Management

Your systems are always up to date: With Patch Management, you will no longer miss any updates or patches. This is not just important for getting new features – in particular, critical security updates must not be overlooked.

The right service level for you

Every company has different require­ments. That's why IT-Kompass lets you choose from three different service levels for many services to best match the scope you need.


This offer always includes all the important services. Our smart tariffs are ideal for small businesses and startups.


Advanced packages are of interest when your IT infra­structure has reached a certain level of complexity. Our specialists also take care of more extensive tasks.


Larger companies with extensive digital infra­structures are best served by Premium offers. Here we provide you the most compre­hensive level of support.
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