When your company's IT has issues, you need fast help from experts. Every minute that you can't continue your work as usual can have significant conse­quences. So that you don't have to face these challenges alone, turn to helpdesk support from IT-Kompass.

Act now!

When IT isn't running smoothly, it's best to have a single, competent point of contact available. This saves you time, money, and nerves.

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from 21.50 € per month
  • A bundled contact point for service and change requests, malfunc­tions and problems
  • Various contact options – for example, writing an email is not very helpful if the problem is with the mail server
  • Flexible response times based on your needs
from 21.50 € per month

Read on for more detailed information, but don't wait too long. Time is of the essence.

Helpdesk - support from experts

As a company, you depend on your IT infra­structure functioning smoothly. Even minor failures can lead to delays in the workflow. However, in order to be able to react quickly, you do not need to maintain your own IT department. Your IT infra­structure is well prepared for problems by relying on Helpdesk & Support from IT-Kompass. Our experts will take care of your issues quickly and profes­sionally – even on weekends and holidays if so desired.

But support doesn't always have to only deal with problems. The helpdesk also helps you with other tasks: Installing and configuring programs, creating user accounts, or managing system settings – our experts are there to help you with the digital challenges of everyday work.

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IT-Kompass offers support for more than just IT problems – also for day to day issues related to software and technology.
Want a free consultation with an expert? Arrange a web appointment.

Remote IT support – quickly there for you

So that you do not have to wait for an on-site technician, IT-Kompass also assists you remotely via remote support tools. Remote support runs via a secure connection to your system and gives our experts the ability to fix many errors remotely und usually within a short time. You receive the software needed to enable remote support from us, which allows our experts to control, repair, or optimize your PC – of course always only with your knowledge and permission.

An IT specialist works from home and provides quick and friendly help remotely.

Helpdesk & Support – one contact for all issues

You likely use software solutions from a wide variety of manu­facturers. Instead of struggling repeatedly to get through various telephone queues and trying in vain to get from first-level IT support to second-level IT support before finally getting a solution, simply contact IT-Kompass. Our experts know your system, are already familiar with many possible problems, and work in a solution-oriented way.

When can remote IT support help?

IT-Kompass supports you with various IT issues:

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Service requests If you need to install new software or even set up a new work PC from scratch, you can put the task into the hands of our experts. This way you can make sure that everything is set up properly.

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Faults and failures If you suddenly can no longer work, help is needed quickly. Thanks to remote access, IT-Kompass can often take care of the fault on short notice so you can quickly return to normal operations.

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Confi­guration changes Again and again it happens that system settings have to be adjusted. So that no errors occur in the process, you should also contact experts for this.

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Issues Every malfunction has a cause. The experts at IT-Kompass check your entire system and the corre­sponding configu­rations to minimize the likelihood of future mal­functions.

This is how the IT help desk supports your systems on site

Remote support is not the only solution for your IT. The experts at IT-Kompass are available to help you on site. This does not always have to involve problems. We are also happy to come to you for consul­tation. In addition, we are always there for you if you have questions about new acqui­sitions. In IT-Kompass you will find a competent and trustworthy partner for all questions concerning your technical infra­structure.

Do you want to protect your IT even more sustainably and better prevent problems? Health & Keep Alive, the  IT monitoring service from IT-Kompass, monitors your system around the clock to detect issues early on. Also worth considering is  Managed Antivirus – IT-Kompass' software solution for minimizing external threats.

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The different service levels

At IT-Kompass you can choose between three different service levels: Smart, Advanced, and Premium. These different levels determine how quickly we can ensure help to solve your problems. Discounts are available if you book hourly quotas in advance.

For better organi­zation, your concerns are sorted by different priority levels. For level 1 problems, there is the highest level of urgency. For levels 2, 3 and 4, the urgency decreases accordingly.

  • Priority level 1 All employees are affected in such a way that they can no longer perform any work.
  • Priority level 2 Many employees are signifi­cantly restricted in their work.
  • Priority level 3 Work can take place unhindered, but a few users are slightly affected by the functio­nality of the system.
  • Priority level 4 An employee's work is slightly impaired by a minor disruption to the system.

Response times for acute faults:
Priority 1: 8 hours
Priority 2: 8 hours
Priority 3: 8 hours
Priority 4: 18 hours

For an additional charge of 50€/h, support is also available outside of business hours.

Contact options:

  • by e-mail
  • via Microsoft Teams Chat
  • via TrayIcon

Response times for acute faults:
Priority 1: 4 hours
Priority 2: 4 hours
Priority 3: 6 hours
Priority 4: 9 hours

For an additional charge of 50€/h, support is also available outside of business hours.

Contact options:

  • by e-mail
  • via Microsoft Teams Chat
  • via TrayIcon
  • by phone

Response times for acute faults:
Priority 1: 30 minutes
Priority 2: 1 hour
Priority 3: 3 hours
Priority 4: 9 hours

For an additional charge of 50€/h, support is also available outside of business hours.

Contact options:

  • by e-mail
  • via Microsoft Teams Chat
  • via TrayIcon
  • by phone
  • via customer portal
Remote Support
from 21.50 € per month
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