More than 80% of Germans send and receive e-mails. Even in the long term, it seems impossible to imagine a professional work environment without e-mail. At the same time, the electronic dispatch of mail comes with many dangers. Therefore, you need to secure your company!

Act now!

Frankly, your business is in danger. Criminals are trying to harm you via e-mail. This doesn't have to be the case and you can defend yourself.

Secure e-mail communi­cation
  • Data theft puts your business at risk.
  • Loss of confidence from your customers and business partners has a long-term impact.
  • Attacks lead to loss of work, which can cost you money.
  • Manually checking e-mails costs time and is not reliable.
  • E-mail cyber security makes your company future-proof.

Read on for more detailed information, but don't wait too long. Time is of the essence.

The dangers from e-mail communi­cation

According to the Digital Barometer 2021 of the German Federal Office for Information Security, one quarter of all respondents have already been victims of cybercrime. Companies are also targeted by hackers and thieves: Sabotage, espionage, and fraud are commonplace. In many cases, the attack begins with a single insecure e-mail. Few companies are adequately protected against these various threat scenarios. Only about one in two companies, for example, has a fully formulated emergency plan in place, according to a survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

By e-mail, attackers can launch different – sometimes combined – attacks:

Phishing icon

Phishing A scam in which criminals specifically attempt to obtain sensitive data about your employees or the entire company.

E-mail spoofing icon

E-mail spoofing Using links to fake websites, fraudsters try to obtain passwords and account information.

Social Engineering icon

Social Engineering Using clever tricks to get your employees to reveal secrets.

Ransomware icon

Ransomware Malicious software that cripples your systems and only unlocks them again upon payment of a ransom.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack icon

Man-in-the-Middle Attack Criminals connect unnoticed to your correspon­dences and read sensitive data or even change it.

Spam icon

Spam Time-wasters that clog up your employees' e-mail accounts and need to be sifted out.

Why do you need a secure e-mail address?

E-mail attacks are a real threat to your company. In fact, your employees need to be on guard every time they receive an e-mail:

  • Is the sender trustworthy?
  • Is it safe to open the attached file?
  • Does the link lead to the correct website?
A woman at her desk looks thoughtfully at her computer screen.

This costs time and is unreliable: Attackers' methods are becoming increasingly sophisti­cated. Therefore, do not rely on the intuition of your employees. Reach for a technical solution. With IT-Kompass' E-mail Threat Prevention based on modern cloud and security technologies, you no longer have to worry.

A man at a forested lake holding a fishing pole that is clearly under tension.

Should even one attack succeed, the future of your entire business could be at stake. Not only will you have to invest a lot of time to repair the direct damage to your systems, the long-term damage can be even worse: You can expect a significant loss of trust with customers and business partners should sensitive data fall into the wrong hands or your systems be hijacked to send malware. Don't take this risk. Use a professional e-mail security solution.

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E-mail security from IT-Kompass

Don't become a victim to fraud and ensure secure e-mail communi­cation today. IT-Kompass supports you with a compre­hensive cloud solution.

  • Link Scan: The software checks every link within an e-mail and warns about unsafe link destinations. This effectively protects you from spoofing.
  • Malware Detection: Viruses and Trojans are detected before they can spread throughout your infra­structure and cause damage.
  • Encryption: Be sure that no one taps into your important correspon­dences. Thanks to encryption, man-in-the-middle attacks are no longer a threat.
  • Spam protection: Thanks to globally managed lists, a large proportion of spam is presorted before you and your employees ever have to deal with it.
  • Cloud backup: All e-mail communi­cation is maintained in the cloud, which caches information. So you always have a backup available.

Our solution for secure e-mail addresses is always up to date. You don't have to worry about updates or patches, or maintaining blacklists.

Our e-mail security solution is also integrated into your existing e-mail infra­structure. As such, you can continue to use Microsoft 365 and Outlook, for example, while benefiting from secure e-mail. Added to this is a webmail interface that is just as secure and can also be used on the go.

Other security solutions

Secure e-mail communi­cation is only one component in protecting your digital infra­structure. IT-Kompass also supports you with additional cyber security solutions:

A relaxed young woman working serenely at her desk at home. IT Security Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training teaches you and your employees how to deal with the dangers of the internet.

A blimp floats effortlessly over a coastal town. Scattered clouds pass by in the blue sky. Managed Backup

Don't leave it to chance and have your data backed up regularly – we're here to support you.

A huge concrete dam protectively holds back water from a large lake. Managed Antivirus

Secure your entire infra­structure with antivirus software managed by our experts.

Our performance levels for secure e-mails

At IT-Kompass, Corporate E-Mail Security is available in three different options.


E-mail security software monitors incoming and outgoing external message traffic.


In addition to external communi­cation, internal e-mail traffic is also monitored. This also secures the sending and receiving messages among your employees.


In addition to monitoring, we also offer synchroni­zation of all mails, calendars and contact data in the cloud. In the event of a failure of your desktop devices, all data is still available in a web interface - or via mobile app. The synchroni­zation additionally serves as a backup solution.
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