Nowadays, many companies are dependent on an uninter­ruptible power supply. If PCs or server infra­structures go down due to power failures or severe power fluctuations, work processes barely function, if at all.

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If the power supply fails - even if only briefly - your processes and data are in considerable danger. Don't take risks and protect yourself with a system for uninter­ruptible power supply.

Uninter­ruptible Power Supply
  • Rely on reliable power supply.
  • Safeguard your sensitive data from loss.
  • Reduce your dependance on external service providers.
  • Be prepared for disasters.

Don't wait until a crisis has already occurred. Find out about the advantages of UPS and get advice from IT-Kompass.

What is a UPS?

Every modern company depends on functional IT infra­structure. PCs, servers, and routers require a constant power supply. If the power supply fails, even for a short time, data can be lost. In addition, work processes are interrupted, resulting in the loss of productivity.

An uninter­ruptible power supply (UPS) ensures that failures and quality fluctuations do not affect your systems. In most cases, a UPS system equipped with batteries is used for this purpose. This device can, for a limited time, take over the supply of power until the energy provider takes over again or you have, at the very least, backed up all your data.

Rows of batteries for an industrial backup power system to supply electricity during shutdown phase.

Different types of UPS

Basically, one can distinguish between battery-powered UPS devices and mechanically powered solutions that use gasoline or diesel fuel. A further distinction is made as to how UPS units are used. Are they permanently in operation or are they only switched on in exceptional cases?

Online UPS With an online double conversion UPS, the system is always active between the energy supply of your power supplier and your IT infra­structure. Power flows into the UPS system and from there goes to your PCs or to your corporate data center. Online UPS compensates for power quality fluctuations and protects your equipment. In addition, the batteries are directly ready for use, should there be a failure of commercial power.

Offline UPS A standby UPS system operates without voltage conversion. The current flows through the system unfiltered and maintains charge in the batteries for emergency use. The standby or offline UPS system only ever activates automa­tically when there is a loss of voltage or a complete outage. The switchover occurs automa­tically within milliseconds.

Line interactive UPS An intermediate solution is a line interactive UPS. Such a system is not permanently active, but measures the power quality via sensor. Should fluctuations occur that exceed or fall below the limits, the UPS is activated.

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UPS in use

An uninterruptible power supply system can be as small as a typical desktop PC.

A UPS system protects your business from power outages. If a, blackout should occur, a UPS replaces the power supply from your energy provider. Also in instances of a so-called brownout the uninter­ruptible power supply helps you. In the event of such a voltage drop (for example, due to an overload of the power grid), the UPS system steps in and prevents adverse effects on your IT infra­structure.

An uninterruptible power supply system can be as small as a typical desktop PC.

Since systems for uninter­ruptible power supply are available in a wide range of sizes and price classes, a UPS is also suitable for small and medium-sized companies. The devices for this take up little space and can be easily integrated into the existing infra­structure.

Advantages of uninter­ruptible power supply

A UPS system always solves several problems that can occur during the operation of electronic equipment. You protect both your sensitive technology and your work processes with an uninter­ruptible power supply.

Continue workflows: When the power goes out, your entire IT infra­structure is usually down. This in turn leads to a standstill in workflows. With an uninter­ruptible power supply, a blackout has no impact and operations simply continue.


Backing up data: If PCs and servers suddenly switch off because they no longer have power, you have to come to terms with considerable data loss. Anything that has not been saved before cannot be salvaged. Thanks to UPS, no sudden failures and therefore no data loss can occur.


Protect devices: Even if a blackout does not occur - fluctuations in power quality can also become problems for your IT. Voltage spikes and under- or overvoltage will damage your equipment in the long run. UPS compensates for fluctuations and ensures consistent power quality.


This makes a UPS an effective tool for  Business Continuity Management (BCM) . In this aspect, you prepare your company for emergencies – such as a power outage – at least in the short term. In order to protect your IT and thus the success of your company even more, IT-Kompass offers additional services:

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Don't take a risk and let us help you backup your data.

A relaxed young woman working serenely at her desk at home. IT Security Training

Ensure that your employees can recognize threats from the internet and react correctly.

On a modern sailboat, a man with binoculars keeps a lookout. IT Monitoring

Have your systems monitored by experts so that potential problems are detected quickly.

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In our consulting session, we not only inform you about uninter­ruptible power supply options. Other topics that are part of securing your work processes are also explained in detail: How, for example, can your connection to the Internet be ensured in the event of a regional power outage? Starlink would be one solution here. Effectively securing of your network infra­structure or the regular testing of your company-relevant hardware are also important points that we can discuss together. Last but not least, we offer helpful tips on how to prepare for crisis situations.

After the conversation, you can either implement your UPS strategy yourself or plan the next steps with us.

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